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What is BitcoinZ (BTCZ)?

BitcoinZ is Bitcoin 2.0 and it's carrying the original vision of fairness and a coin for all. Everyone is equal and every coin is made by the community and for the community. BitcoinZ fight for freedom. This is a community gift to the world.

BitcoinZ is a bitcoin compatible cryptocurrency based on the zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash algorithm with t-addresses and zk-snarks anonymous z-addresses. The combination of these technologies enables BitcoinZ to operate as a proven cryptocurrency with the ability to offer graphics processor unit (GPU) mining to anyone in the world with access to off the shelf graphics cards, also known as commodity hardware. Additionally, it enables the portability and compatibility with BitcoinZ and other cryptocurrency blockchains.

Since BitcoinZ has adopted the zcash core, it inherits a ‘halving interval’, adjusted for BitcoinZ’s total supply. The halving interval is set for block 840,000 and is estimated to occur in approximately 4 years from the Sept 9th, 2017 launch.

BitcoinZ was officially launched by an anonymous developer on September 9 th, 2017 at Block #1 with BlockHash 0007844681f84249ad7829f9673ea4b6d26a139c741c5847926aff944337d908. They deemed BitcoinZ a community gift to the world, emphasizing that it is, and will continue, as a community creation.

To enshrine this vision of liberty, fairness, and the fight for freedom, a message was encoded in the genesis block timestamp of BitcoinZ dedicated to The Purest Son of Liberty - Thaddeus Kosciuszko, whose 200th death anniversary is October 15th.

More information can be found in the Community Paper (Whitepaper): https://drive.google.com/file/d/19eJ09gwba5Ix9k3Y8Kk7NqdTbnUTFXDj

How can I get BTCz?

Before you can accept BitcoinZ, you must have a BTCz address or a BTCz Wallet. There are several possibilities described below, for different uses and platform. For more information, please visit the official BitcoinZ website under wallets section.

  • Android Wallet : BTCZ Wallet is an Open source wallet for android developped by the BitcoinZ Mobile Development Team.
  • ZelCore Wallet : This Wallet is an multicurency Wallet for iOS and Android device.
  • Web Wallet : BTCZ Web Wallet is an javascript Open source wallet. Keys are validated on client-side.
  • Windows Desktop Wallet : This Wallet provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows.
  • Copay Wallet : This Wallet has multiplatform releases for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Paper Wallet : JavaScript Client-Side BitcoinZ Paper Wallet Generator using zclassicjs library based on zenaddress.

Now that you owne a BTCz address, you can also receive BitcoinZ ! Remember that you only owne the founds of your address if you owne the private key. You are responsible for keeping safe your private keys.

You can sell goods by directly giving your public address to your customer or integrate the pay.btcz.app API into your website to automate the sale. You can also use the btcz.me interface to facilitate the payment of your customers via a QR code if you do not want to automate transactions.

Others way, if you own one or more graphics card (GPU), you can also perform mining of BitcoinZ or if you do not want bother with this technique you can simply buy some BTCz on the exchange sites listed on the official BitcoinZ website.

What does pay.btcz.app do?

Pay.btcz.app is an BitcoinZ Open-Source payment gateway.

A payment gateway is an ecommerce service that processes payments for online and traditional brick and mortar stores. Payment gateways facilitate these transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank/blockchain.

Linking the flow of goods and money becomes extremely important, because once it's been done, companies can to do things like automate payments or confirm transactions. In fact, it’s a natural progression for supply chain participants to adopt blockchain payment processors.

Payment gateways fulfill a vital role in the ecommerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. What results is a system that increases efficiency, automation, and liquidity in the supply chain.

From where comes the exchange rates?

The exchange rates comes from the pro.coinmarketcap.com API. We chose the "Hobbyist" plan which allows us to make a change for 10 differents currencies. Each currency is refreshed with an interval of 100 minutes.

If you are buying and selling, the exchange rate is determined after you have confirmed the order and payment is made within the provided time frame. If you do not complete your payment within the provided time frame, then you will have to repeat the process once again and may be provided with a varied exchange rate.

How much does it cost to accept payments with pay.btcz.app?

This is a free and open-source service, please support us by donating here.

[BTCz.app] BTCz: t1VYSo8VtpKMm1SUwp1KJHbqrtfqj7tgpaE
[Community] BTCz: t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ

There is, however, a standard transaction fee that is charged to the buyer (standard network fee) and a transaction fee of 0.0001 BTCz charged to the seller (transfer of the temporary address to the seller's address).

By using the speed payment method (0 confirmation), a 5% surcharge is charged to the buyer. No additional fees are added for a standard payment with 1 confirmations.

What is the speed payment method?

This method is an instant checkout method that confirms payment immediately without waiting for blockchain confirmations. In general, the payment is confirmed to the seller in 5-8 seconds.

Unlike standard payment, which requires 1 confirmations (about 4-6 minutes), the funds are transferred to the seller's address immediately after receipt of the transaction ID (TXID) from a temporary address already loaded with confirmed funds.

This method poses no risk to the seller or the buyer. We take all the risks since the funds are advanced from one of our addresses, and for this reason we also ask for a 5% surcharge when using the speed payment. A maximum amount of 0 BTCz can be used for instant checkout.

The use of the speed payment should only be used when the buyer can not wait, for example when buying from a vending machine. In general, for an online purchase on a website, the buyer and the seller can wait for the time required for a standard confirmation so as not to incur additional costs.

Can I use this gateway to accept donations?

Of course, this gateway can be used for any payment in BTCz whether for goods, services or charity. But it will be easier anyway to use the btcz.me interface for charitable donations like for example https://btcz.me/Charity because it is probably more transparent to know the final address in this case.

When will my order be shipped/delivered?

We have no relationship with the merchants using this gateway. We only perform payment verification and no information about your purchases, other than the amount, is recorded here. In case of problem of delivery of goods or services, you must therefore directly contact the seller.

In case of payment dispute, you can check your transaction at the following URL: https://pay.btcz.app/invoice/ << InvoiceID >> (The invoice ID format is: c5e9631d-b107-4022-8de5-ae9f0efd03af). You will find a link that will redirect you to the BTCz block explorer with the BitcoinZ transaction ID.

Do you support alternative payments?

No, only BitcoinZ can be used as a payment method on this gateway.

How can I receive a refund?

A refund of your BTCz is performed automatically if the invoice has not been paid fully once the invoice is expired. In this case, the transaction will also not be confirmed.

The over paid amount will be refunded to your address used for payment directly from this payment gateway. The merchant receives only the requested amount.

The refund is automatically done about one hour after expiration or success confirmation of the invoice.

We do not refund the paid invoice in case of return of goods or dispute with the seller. You will then have to contact the merchant's site directly.

Are there plugins for eCommerce?

Yes, we are constantly developing new tools to facilitate the use of the payment through this gateway. Visit the Plugin section to see what is currently available or visit the Github repository directly. You can also tell us about your needs, and we will try to create a new plugin ASAP.

How can I create payment gateways?

You can create a gateway by directly using the test form on the home page to familiarize yourself with the API. You must enter the receipt address, the amount and the conversion currency. This form is not usable on the site of the merchant.

In a sales website, it is necessary to use a Plugin or to directly integrate the functionality of the API by coding them yourself. Please visit the Getting Started section for more information on how to integrate the API into your online store.

Are there any limitations of use?

We have implemented two usage limitations to prevent misuse and fraud:

  • The first limitation is the amount of active gateways per user that is limited to 20 units. The expired and paid gateways are not counted within this limit. You can contact us and give the IP address of your online store to remove this limitation.

  • The second limitation is the maximum amount for a speed checkout that is set at 0 BTCz. No limitation of amount is fixed for a standard payment. Again, you can contact us and we will find a solution if you need a higher amount.

More questions?

For any other related question about this gateway, feel free to contact us via the below community channels. You can also contact us directly by using the contact form. Please visite first the Getting Started page for any API integration related question.